Success Stories

We receive many letters and emails from our patients complimenting Dr. Goswami on his professionalism, compassion and skill. We have displayed some of the testimonials received by us.

*I suffer from a rare disorder... but you have been one doctor that has helped me with all my pain

A sincere thank you for being a great doctor who takes time to listen to his patients. I suffer from a rare disorder "Empty Sella Syndrome", most doctors have not even heard of it... My body does not produce endorphins and many other hormones. Due to my heart many doctors just pass me off... but you have been the one doctor who has helped me with all my pain... You are the best! Keep up good work. I wish more doctors actually listen to their patients no matter how ridiculous the patient sounds.



*Will renew your life and save you time and grief... 

This review serves as insight for anyone who is in pursuit of a professional Interventional Pain Management Specialist and Anesthesiologist that will renew your life and save you time and grief.  He possesses the keenest, sophisticated interventional skills in addition to using practical medicine to alleviate multiple sources of pain as well as neurologic conditions.
Without exception, Dr. Goswami is driven in equal measure by both Quality and Compassion, as he always puts his patients first.  He is adept to pinpointing the underlying source of your condition, takes his time to listen to his patient’s concerns, provides feedback and treats the source of pain efficiently. 
For example, I used to have a considerable amount of pain in my neck.  Dr. Goswami treated my neck pain with the use of interventional management and it was non-existent within weeks.  I have had no pain in my neck for approximately one and a half years.  Another example is how I have thoracic spinal stenosis that used to be at a pain level of between, 6-7.  After undergoing interventional management as well as the use of conventional therapy, the pain level is only between 1-2.  The third example is as unique as his unwavering dedication to his patient’s satisfaction and his talent.  I have had a life long history of a disruptive overactive bladder.  After it was  treated to no avail by other numerous physicians, two urologist and a surgeon that involved conventional treatment as well as minimally invasive procedures that would create down time, pain,  a lot of bleeding and risk of an infection.  Dr. Goswami  eliminated the this condition for me by only administering a sacral nerve block specific to the nerve plexus that innervated the  bladder without any of the said complications mentioned above.  The sacral nerve block was ingenious.  
I presume that being successful in this specialty comes easy if a physician is as capable, compassionate, and efficient as he is.  His office staff is pleasantly professional, courteous and accommodating. Without hesitation, I would recommend Dr. Goswami to anyone in pain and rate him a 20 from 1-10.

*You're not just a good doc but a great one

You're not just a good doc, but a great one. Thank you for all your help and taking away my pain. You gave me a new start in life and career.

*I am a retired dentist and I have treated patients with pain for 44 year. Again, please accept my thanks for a job well done

I am a retired dentist and I have treated patients with pain for 44 year. Whether subjective or objective it always comes to a conclusion eventually. My pain proved unrelenting, exquisite, horrible and nasty… Dr. Goswami, I am most appreciative for your calm manner and professional attitude. I began to improve after the first epidural procedure, but three were eventually necessary. The pain in under control now, not perfect, but very tolerable, at this writing it is gone. Again, please accept my thanks for a job well done…



*I've gone from bed rest for over a year, to being able to drive again, walk faster than most people, and do my own errands

I have been a patient of Dr. Goswami's for at least a year and a half, now. I was a little skeptical about having the epidurals he wanted to do... Within the first set of epidurals, my right leg was no longer paralyzed and (I) was able to walk within an hour and balance all of my weight on that leg.  At that point, my right leg was paralyzed for almost a year; frozen, hypersensitive and my foot felt broken. I had seen about six different surgeons, two neurologists, a pain management doctor, and hospitalized (quite a few times).  I had a neurologist tell me that he had no clue as to what was wrong with me, after conducting my third EMG within 9 months, taking a skin biopsy from my leg and hip, and telling me I had a rare form of CRPS.  Luckily, this was not the case. I was told by that neurologist that not only would I not get better, but I'd have to take oral pain medications for the rest of my life. Dr. Goswami diagnosed me from a MRI report that I had brought with me (initially). 

Anyone who has been in chronic pain for an elongated period of time, knows how easy it is to lose hope.  You have to live day to day, and plan day to day.  Sometimes, there is no day of.  Your   quality of life deteriorates very fast, you miss a lot of important events, lose touch with friends and family; which in turn leads to a very dark place.  Pain may change people, but it doesn't always have to be for the worse, or permanent.  You come to realize, the longer you are without proper care and a doctor that knows what he is doing, the longer it will take to fix you.  

Dr. Goswami will never let you lose your hope, if he can help you.  Even though my progress has taken quite a few procedures, they were mostly diagnostic and just things he had to do, before jumping to one of the last few solutions.  The diagnostic work that was preformed before my surgery, was done in a very short period of time (thankfully).  He diagnosed me for the surgery and gave his own notes to the surgeon, who then called me.  He even accompanied the surgeon, throughout my discectomy (which is a lot more than I can say for most doctors). I never felt like I was being handed off to a million people.  Most of what you need is patience and the realization that you cannot be fixed overnight, in the most extreme of cases; he will do the rest.  

Dr. Goswami goes to great lengths to make sure his patients are doing okay and it's very comforting to know, especially if you are every hesitant on taking pain meds for your ailments.  I've also never been made to feel guilty for having to take the meds that I was on for so very long. He has the patience of a saint, and truly is a selfless person.  My only concern, is that maybe he should get some sleep.  I do not want to go into great detail of the procedures I've had done, as I do not want to be a disservice to what he can actually do for you.  Every case varies, and he usually always has a solution for it.   

I had tried writing this a few months ago, but was too emotional to write it.  My quality of life is definitely much better than I thought it would ever be again.  I've gone from bed rest for over a year, to being able to drive again, walk faster than most people, and do my own errands.  I can finally meet my nephew, soon and make plans for the long term.  I'm sure there are some things I missed in this, but I didn't want to make it too long.  I hope it helps someone make a decision about their care.  If it doesn't, thank you for reading, and Good Luck!


*You are a good physician and your professional, kind caring manner is rare...

Dear Dr. Goswami,

Doug & I would like to thank you so very much for your kindness. You did so much to try to help us and we appreciate your help…. You are a good physician and your professional, kind caring manner is rare… and you should be commended…



*I can't say enough wonderful things about him. I am getting better everyday thanks to him

I just wanted to say if I didn't meet Dr. Goswami I don't know what I would do. He is a wonderful, compassionate, caring doctor. I had a 3 level fusion after a car accident and I thought surgery would fix my problem. NO, I suffered more pain then before my surgery. I can't say enough wonderful things about him. I am getting better everyday thanks to him. He explains procedures thoroughly so I can understand them. There are so many more things I would love to say about Dr. Goswami but I would recommend him to anyone and everyone I know. Thank you Dr. Goswami for helping me live a better life and (for) helping me beat pain rather than pain beating me!



*Thank you so much for a 'pain free' trip! You are the best

*12 years of back pain and in one session… no more pain. Thank God for Dr. Goswami

Anyone with back problems please do yourself a favor and see Dr Goswami. I swear by his work and his caring attitude, 12 years of back pain and in one session he blocked the pain signal from my spine to my brain and no more pain. The whole process is 4 parts: first he uses a drug or something to temporarily block the nerves, then in 2 weeks he does it again, then in a week he uses radio frequency to disconnect the nerves on one side and next week he will do the other.

The procedures take less then an hour and you literally want to do back flips when you step off the table, it is that quick and painless. I can't say enough about him he is a lifesaver. I fell at work in 2007 … they did surgery that hurt like the devil and in a month I was back in the same pain as the day I fell.

Now I can't wait for him to do the other side and even now I have hardly any pain. Thank God for Dr Goswami. (I copied this from my facebook page so all my friends can see what a lifesaver the Dr is)


*Within days of my first treatment I was doing things I had only dreamed of

I am a 35 year old man with a complicated medical history. After years of being bounced from one doctor to another I was finally diagnosed with an incurable chronic illness at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Though being diagnosed helped answer my questions it did nothing to increase my quality of life. I spent years watching the seasons change from my window only trying a few unsuccessful attempts to leave my house. I was about to give up...then I found Dr Goswami. Within days of my first treatment I was doing things I had only dreamed of. Now a few months after I met Dr Goswami I am enjoying life in ways thats I never thought I would. I have known pain for many years and if you are reading this I am certain that you do too but it doesn't have to be that way. I used to go to sleep wishing that tomorrow would be a better day and hope that I would have less pain. Now I can't wait for tomorrow because I KNOW it's going to be a great day and my dreams are spent deciding what I will do with my life. There aren't enough words to express my thanks for the care that Dr Goswami has given to me so please take my story as proof that there is hope and you too can know what it is like to feel freedom with the body that has been given to you. 

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 *I thank God every day that I found him

Dr. Goswami gave me life again! I suffered from debilitating undiagnosed pelvic pain for 5 years. I saw 7 doctors that failed to help me before finding the best.....Dr. Goswami. He never gave up and always kept a positive attitude. Dr.Goswami found I have Pudendal Neuralgia.  One fast and almost painless procedure enabled me to walk normally again. Dr. Goswami is the ONLY doctor I would recommend to anyone with pain. His ability and personality are amazing. I thank god every day that I found him.


* The results of the treatment may vary depending on the disease condition